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Structural Repairs London

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Structural Repairs London


Builders GB carry out all types of Structural Repairs in London. Structural weakness in properties is very common and when not attended to quickly can be very hazardous and can also depreciate the value of a property.

The structure of a home is always under a considerable amount of pressure from weight, natural elements and many other matters include rot, age and tree roots. The recommendations that outline stronger structure construction is still fairly new and was only implemented after many millions of home were built. This meant that a lot of  homes built up to the 1980’s have flaws in their design and construction. To add to this there are cases of newer homes with structural weaknesses as well, mostly because of incorrect soil tests prior to construction.

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The ground underneath some properties is a common cause for structural damage as ongoing earth movement and subsidence is recorded as a common cause of structural damage. Timber damage can also play a role and transfer weight to walls that are not designed to cope with significant weight loads. Brickwork and foundation failures are also very common factors that cause Structural Damage.

Houses are built to distribute the weight of the home equally across the structure. Once an area of a property becomes weak the weight distribution will naturally shift on to another area and cause more damage as significant weight will target an area that is not designed or built for it.

Our Structural Repair London team specialise in,

  • Complete property reinforcement
  • Underpinning
  • Basement reinforcement, water diversion and weatherproofing
  • Subsidence repair
  • Soil testing
  • Reinforced foundations
  • Chimney repair or removal
  • Parapet repairs
  • Timber replacements
  • Lentil and Beam renewals
  • Steel Beam Placement
  • Brickwork Repairs
  • Crack Repairs

Builders GB can also help with demolishing and completely rebuilding a brand new home. We also offer a building contract rescue service, where we can take over a contract if another company that you have employed has made critical or significant structural errors and failures.

Our full time staff include some of London’s most experienced Structural Engineers, Building Consultants and Architects  who are all well known for their strictness in quality control and excellence in design and construction methods.

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