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Loft conversions

Loft Conversions

The Loft Conversion London team are the best Loft Conversion Specialists in the industry. Loft Conversions in London are the solution for growing families and people looking to add quick and easy space to their properties. A Loft Conversion can be completed within just a few weeks



The House Extension London Team are excellent at creating all types of Extensions. Single or Double Storey, Side Return and the latest designer Glass Extensions are built within weeks. Kitchens, Living areas and Entertainment areas are some of the most popular types of House Extensions

Basement Conversions


The Basement Conversion London Team are specialists in Converting Basements in London. Basement Conversions are now very popular within London recently. A London Basement Conversion can be a new self contained flat a gym a cinema room or an addition of many new rooms to the property

Garage Conversion London

Convert your Garage into anything with Builders GB. 

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Garage Conversion London

A new Garage Conversion in London can provide a valuable amount of extra space within any type of property. Depending on the style and layout of your home a Garage Conversion can be used as part of an existing area such as a Kitchen or a Lounge. Many people convert garages into offices or bedrooms in fact the list of possibilities is almost endless. The Garage Conversion London team are very fast at converting garages all over London and can make your home more spacious in very little time.

garage conversion london

Garage Conversions in

London by Builders GB

At Builders GB we provide a complete Garage Conversion service from initial design to completion. Our trades people are amongst the best in London. You can expect a service that is professional and individually crafted for your requirements. Your home is our priority and you can be sure of receiving the very best service that is quick and reliable. Builders GB is one of London’s only Design and Build companies that focuses on Structural Alterations and has in house Architects, Structural Engineers and Building Consultants. The level of service from Builders GB is unparalleled in every way.

Design and Build London Garage Conversions  

Q. What is a Design and Build Garage Conversion?

A. It includes everything needed to make your new Garage Conversion perfect from start to finish. We plan, draw and design and build your new Garage Conversion exactly the way you want.

Q. How long does it take to convert a garage into a new room?

A. This depends on a few things but a simple Garage Conversion can be made within just a few days.

We convert more garages in London than any other company. Our teams are the best and busiest Garage Conversion Specialists around.

There are many options that are available to you when you let Builders GB build your new Garage Conversion.

  • Pre wired speaker systems
  • Bespoke furniture
  • Custom made storage solutions and cupboards
  • Integrated heating
  • Professionally fitted rooms
  • Sound proofing

garage conversion in london

Keeping it simple

You may choose to have just a simple new space built and make it into something later on or you may want to complete the fittings yourself, the choice is yours.




Garage Conversions in London

are quick to build

  • Kitchens
  • Studies
  • Bedrooms
  • Play Room
  • Hobby Room
  • Home Cinema
  • Entertainment Area
  • Dining Room

garage conversion in london


The choices are limitless

Whatever design you have in mind and whatever you want your new Garage Conversion to be Builders GB is your number one choice.

We offer the very best service that covers the entire building, conversion and fitting process.

Our clients are offered much more as we are London’s number one Garage Conversion Specialists.


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