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Loft conversions

Loft Conversions

The Loft Conversion London team are the best Loft Conversion Specialists in the industry. Loft Conversions in London are the solution for growing families and people looking to add quick and easy space to their properties. A Loft Conversion can be completed within just a few weeks



The House Extension London Team are excellent at creating all types of Extensions. Single or Double Storey, Side Return and the latest designer Glass Extensions are built within weeks. Kitchens, Living areas and Entertainment areas are some of the most popular types of House Extensions

Basement Conversions


The Basement Conversion London Team are specialists in Converting Basements in London. Basement Conversions are now very popular within London recently. A London Basement Conversion can be a new self contained flat a gym a cinema room or an addition of many new rooms to the property

Building Process

Have your Building Project started easily, built property and finished quickly.

Builders GB is a company that puts you first and foremost. We take all the jargon out and help you to understand and know exactly what’s involved in your house project. You get the service you want at a lower price.

Over time Builders GB London has listened to and implemented valuable input from our clients.

We have formed a simple and effective process for every Project.


The Architects will meet with you and take notes on

  • Your Design
  • The Specification
  • The Function and Purpose of your Project


The Architects will go on to

  • Sharing some ideas and tips with you that can help in the general design
  • Advise you on how to fully maximise the potential space from your home


The Architect will then design your project in an accurately scaled Architectural Drawing.

This will show you the precise size of your project and give you a feel of what will be built whilst helping you as a guide to position your furniture and fittings properly.

Using these drawings you can order Kitchens, Furniture and other fittings.


The Design Team will input some very clever ways of making your project work well with your existing property layout. This includes the best way on how to blend and tie everything perfectly to the existing flow and movements of your house.

You can tweak and change the drawing until you are happy with a design to go with.

Structural Calculations

The Structural Calculations are worked out by the Structural Engineers which include the sizes, strengths and the spans of the Building and Structural materials that will be installed in your project.

The Structural Calculations together with the Architects Drawings are double checked and finalised. These are then handed over to the Building Consultants who work out all the Health and Safety issues and confirm that the design will meet the current Building Regulation standards and requirements.

Building Consultants

A Design Brief is then formed and handed to the Project Manager who will be in charge of your project.

At this point the Building Consultants open discussions with your local authority and start on the process of Planning Applications – if required (in some cases an application will have been applied for already). The Building Control department are informed and a copy of the plans and calculations are handed in to them. If the project needs to started straight away this can be done as our Building Consultants will arrange for a Retrospective Planning Application – only if they are 100% happy that Planning Permission will be granted.

Call us for a quatation on – 020 7205 4222 or Click here to contact Builders GB

Project Managers

The Project Manager is then activated to see to it that your Architectural Plans and the Design Briefs are followed correctly by the Construction Teams. The Project Managers can be reached by you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

During construction your local councils Building Regulation Department will send a Building Control Officer who will come and check off your project at various stages to make sure the structure is safe as well as making sure that every safety feature is implemented.

Structural Safety

Our Architects, Structural Engineers and Building Consultants will also be active throughout your project and make there own checks on Saftey, Build Quality and Structural Matters

Building Regulations

At the end of the Project you will be handed The Building Regulation Pass Certificate and a Full 10 Year Guarantee.

As technology advances and construction methods and materials change. We make a point to constantly train and update our staff with relevant product knowledge and installation techniques. 

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